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AFIELDA is a clothing line discovered by mid-west designer Elda Doamekpo. Elda is young designer currently pursuing her Business Management and Fashion degree. When asked to describe her design aesthetic in three words, her response was timeless, edgy, and classy. With custom designs for every size and with garments that are not only figure flattering but stunning, she is creating with the inspiration of her African heritage. Having experience in pattern making, every garment is made to impress. AFIELDA has made appearances in Omaha Fashion Week and Kansas City Fashion Week, along with other charitable organizations while getting the attention of the mid-west community and quickly growing as a known brand.

Mission Statement

"At the age of seventeen, I wanted to be a role model for a whole new generation of youths that are self-motivated and entrepreneurs. As mentioned, I hope to be able to bring the idea of true beauty back to women all over the world and bring their confidence to a whole new level. I would like to create an environment that they feel safe and close to the person that creates for them.”

Throughout the many fashion shows that AFIELDA has been in, we have inspired and stimulated the imagination of the community to not only believe in themselves but their inner beauty. With each garment, we have just provided the stated above. AFIELDA is finally being known as the most relate-able, inspiring, and motivational designer in the Midwest.


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