Hand Dyeing Worksop :: Oct 2


In the class, we’ll be experimenting with dyeing a silk item and a cotton item, to demonstrate the different chemical interactions with the different fibers.
If you want to experience the magic of taking a pile of blank fabric and turning it into a colorful finished product, you’ll love Introduction to Fabric Dyeing!

TICKETS: Guild Members can enjoy a discount on this and all of our workshops, and Guildlettes only have to pay the supply fee! Not a member? Consider joining today to help support our fashion community!

EVENT: We will be hosting this workshop both online and in person! Join us at the Fashion Arts Collective while our instructor teaches us and our online students virtually! Supplies are available for pickup at the Workroom only. If you cannot pick up your supplies in person, we kindly ask that you acquire the items you would like to dye o your own.


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Do you ever have an idea for a project, but can’t find just the right color? With fabric dyeing, you can unlock endless possibilities! This class will cover the basics of fabric dyeing using the tub dyeing method to serve as a foundation in your dyeing journey.

Have you been interested in creating your own textiles but were intimidated by the chemicals and weights involved when you looked it up? Kate will simplify it for you and make the process fun! She will set you up with what you need to create solid fabrics that can be built on later with adding designs. You’ll also learn how to control your fabric color to get exactly the result you want for your project.

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