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Thrifting Workshop :: Recording

Join thrifting pros Heather Hooton and Anna Keiser for this free online event while they take you shopping! They’ll show you what they look for, how they get their best finds, and how to style them up! Plus personal stylist Erin Stoll of Style Thief Fashion will be joining to give some sneak peeks into how she thinks about trends, style, and more.


May 16
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.



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Anna Keiser

Anna’s day job is designing software products, but her side hustle is fashion styling. In the past three years, Anna has found a love for her sharing her style on Instagram. She describes her style as colorful, loud, and eclectic. She believes that no item is saved for a specific occasion. She fell in love with thrifting later in life because of proximity (grew up in a small town!) and she better understood why certain items caught her eye. It’s taken many years to understand her personal style, but she has loved every moment of the evolution of it!

Heather Hooton

Heather is a fashion photographer and lover. She describes her style as a Creative Pragmatist, using the style words Chill, Modern, and Classic. She taught herself about fashion through photographing for boutiques, modeling agencies, magazines, and Omaha Fashion Week, as well as watching endless hours of style classes by her favorite designer, Tibi. Also late to the thrifting game, she has learned a few tricks along the way that she can’t wait to share!

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