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The Fashion Arts Collective(FAC) is a non-profit committed to nurturing aspiring area students and designer talent to support the Midwest fashion ecosystem.  The fashion industry gender ratio is 70% female, 25% male and 5% nongender specific with 45% identifying as LGBTQ2s+.          


We at FAC are dedicated to providing this community their chance at pursuing a fashion and textile arts career by eliminating barriers such as access to equipment, notions, skilled instruction and regional and national professional mentors. 

The Fashion Industry is a $3 trillion dollar market and represents 2% of the Global GDP.  FAC emphasizes the necessity for the fashion design and textile trades as paramount to our community.     


FAC’s mission is to provide students and regional fashion designers with mentoring, training, resources, and industry network opportunities to fulfill their creative potential in the fashion industry. 

The Fashion Arts Collective develops the whole student and designer in the fashion ecosystem through four project pillars: creative inspiration, skill development, resource development, and business incubation.

We are planting seeds- or should we say “laying stitches” – through year-round sewing and textile design programming. Our Educational Workshops are available for designers at all levels. Whether just starting out or seeking manufacturing partners, the community we serve needs assistance with sewing and trade skills,  business plans, networking, strategic actions, and marketing knowledge. FAC helps them to sharpen creative abilities, hone business acumen, and connect resources and opportunities.

creativity is who we are

In short, we want to turn creative people into creative entrepreneurs. We want to provide our area students and designers with the resources and skills to produce innovative and beautiful works of art, as well as profitable, consumer-friendly garments. Our goal is to marry the necessary components of creativity, technical skills, and know-how with market knowledge to produce successful fashion and textile businesses.


Explore the different branches of the FAC, including resources for area students, hobbyists, and  designers through fun workshops, events and designer shopping for fashion lovers!

1141 N. 11th Street, 2nd Floor  |  Omaha, NE 68102
(T) 402-342-4487

Sun/Mon Closed, Tues-Fri 5p-800p, Sat. 1p-4p and/or by appointment. Call 402-342-4487 to RSVP

Fashion Arts Collective
Fashion Arts Collective Workroom
Fashion Guild in Omaha Nebraska
Fashion Arts Collective Marketplace
Fashion Arts Collective

Fashion Arts Collective
1141 N. 11th Street, 2nd Floor
Omaha, NE 68102
(T) 402-342-4487
Workroom Open from 9:30 – 5 p.m. weekdays

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