Fashion Arts Collective

supporting local fashion

The Fashion Arts Collective is pleased to partner with the Omaha Entertainment Awards this year to provide designer looks for each of their presenters!

Below you will find the pieces featured on the stage the evening of Jan 29th and the amazing designer behind the looks!

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the oea Fashion designers

Hannah & Kylie specialize in garment reinvention and customization, with a passion for body positivity and size inclusivity.

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Hannah Caroline began her business as a junior in high school in 2012.  She specializes in creating custom wedding gowns and formalwear for women of all sizes.

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​Agustin M. Delgado is a self-taught, up and coming designer and craftsman. He was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and follows traditions of creativity and sewing from his family.

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Terri Buckner refashions discarded objects and fabrics into creative redesigned couture pieces.  Each garment is slow made, with great care to our environment.

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